The Taste of Tomorrow

The Washington Post’s Jonathan Yardley  — that’s the esteemed, frequently bluntly critical, Pulitzer Prize-winning Jonathan Yardley — likes The Taste of Tomorrow!

Read Yardley’s nice review in last weekend’s Book World. (And yes, as was conceded on the TofT Facebook page,  getting a nice word from Yardley is creating a Christmas/Hannukah/Packers-win-Super Bowl-type of vibe here at ToT’s Evanston headquarters.

Also….admittedly, a thought did occur: that on Sunday, April 22, the residents of a large White House at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue,  may have possibly leafed through the WP’s Book World, and possibly noticed the words “Chicago journalist,” and then possibly talked about how this “future of food book” may have some ideas for, say, the garden, and then, perhaps, this all culminated in the following exchange:

Michelle:  “Maybe we should invite this guy for dinner?

Barack: “Great idea.”

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