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In May of this year,  we started posting our podcasts here…

It has the same spirit as the ToT site and newsletter — new food production technologies,  sustainable food ideas, African foods  — except it’s verbalized, punctuated with occasional non-sequitors, and paired with some of co-host Chris Bentley’s music selections.

Here is the first-ever Taste of Tomorrow podcast.

The second Taste of Tomorrow podcast — an interview with African food pioneer James “Bim” Adedeji, in which (among other things) the ToT’s Chris Bentley tastes scrambled eggs with lemon piri piri sauce— is AT LAST here. 

Remember: we’re in beta! This is experimental — think of it as the TofT’s very own radio lab.  We’re playing with different formats, testing new equipment, and background tracks…

November 4, 2012. 

After a long hiatus, after lots of retreats, soul-searching, navel-gazing, and some walk-abouting the TofT’s audio team has gone back into the studio.

We are proud to announce the beta-version (that means, only friends and family and subscribers can listen) version of our The TofT Radio.

On Sunday, November 4th, Chris interviews Josh about The Taste of Tomorrow’s first foray into politics — the Voter’s Guide. Listen to Josh explain his 5 endorsements for 2012 — he picks a President, two Senators, a US Congressional race, and he URGES all our friends in California to VOTE NO!! on Proposition 37,  the Mandatory Labeling of Genetically Engineered Food Initiative.



On Monday, the TofT will also release THE SASKATCHEWAN SHOW.  Saskatchewan, a province of the North American nation of Canada, is home to more than Sasquatch, the Saskatchewan Rough Riders, and extremely cold temperatures that often dip below 40-below in Jan & Feb. It is also home to a fruit that could become The Next Blueberry… and a nanotech-driven project that could someday bring us… guilt-free chocolate cake.

Hear about the Saskatoon berries, the future of lentils, and some of Josh’s other discovering during his visit to Canada’s breadbasket. Listen now.