The Taste of Tomorrow
  • Daddy Screwed Up

The author of  The Taste of Tomorrow and contributors to  The Taste of Tomorrow have never made an error in more than 30 years of journalism and scholarship.

Kidding, of course.

At more than 300 pages long, packed with statistics and anecdotes,  The Taste of Tomorrow is bound to have some errors.  The “Daddy Screwed Up” page is the section of the site where I will address errors as I become aware of them – both in the book, and in our zine posts.  Readers are invited to write us if they see something in the book, or on the site, that is wrong, needs clarification, or additional context.  If your suggestion checks out, bears reporting, I will run a correction right here.

Please email us at with any questions or comments.

*As for the title “Daddy Screwed Up,” it’s a reference to a saying attributed to Kate Schonwald, age 4 (see photo), when her father mistakenly gets the wrong DVD, overcooks chicken nuggets, misapplies the plaster, or commits some other offense.