The Taste of Tomorrow

Great piece from Mark Bittman in the NYT today on progress in the quest for better plant-derived mock-meat….

Bittman raises a number of important points, such as:  why the hell does fake meat cost 4 or 5 times as more than real meat?  He also links to a place in The Hague called The Vegetarian Butcher, that only offers plant and mycoprotein “meats.”

The highlight of this post though is the video— Bittman introduces us to Ethan Brown, a young entrepreneur (and friend of New Harvest’s Jason Matheny) whose Savage River Farms plans to introduce a soy-based chicken analog that is CHEAPER than real chicken, and, Brown claims, just as good.

Bittman takes us inside Brown’s pilot plant, and shows us how mock chicken is made.

Take a peek at “Real Fake Chicken.”

Here’s another NPR story on Ethan Brown “Can Fake Chicken Feed the World?”

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