The Taste of Tomorrow

In a Slate piece,  “Why You Should Love Grasshopper  Tacos and Kelp Pasta: How Overcoming the Yuck Factor Can Help Save the World” I briefly amended the Perfect Sustainable Meal, introducing version 2.0.

For those of you who haven’t read The Taste of Tomorrow yet, you might be wondering  “What is version 1.o? Well, here (below) are the three elements of the original. In brief,  it’s intended to be symbolic — a kind of sustainability seder — in an effort to make the simple point:  There is no silver bullet. Feeding the world in a sustainable way will require a mix of strategies—some natural and ancient, others high-tech, and, yes, yucky-seeming.

Seasonal, Local Salad Mix from Farmers’ Market. It doesn’t matter if it’s radicchio, if it’s puntarelle, if it’s iceberg, or even sorrel. It doesn’t even matter, really, if it’s a salad. What is important is that you go to your nearest farmers’ market and buy something local and grown outdoors from a small farmer.

Genetically Engineered Hawaiian Papaya.Track down some Hawaiian papaya, but not any papaya. You must make sure that it is genetically modified.

Recirculating Aquaculture System-Farmed Barramundi or Tilapia. Go to a live fish market in New York, Toronto, Washington, or Boston. Buy a fish that is raised indoors in a recirculating aquaculture system.

 There’s more explanation on p 278 and 279 of why these three ingredients were chosen, and why the concluding slogan of the book is:  Go to Farmers’ Markets. Eat GE Papayas. Buy Fish from Indoor Recirculating Systems.

The Perfect Meal will now be updated to include a chocolate-covered grasshopper and kelp pasta. (Illustrated version forthcoming!)

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