The Taste of Tomorrow

You’ll find more fennel paired peri-peri sauce, more caramelized honey paried with adzuki red beans, and green peppercorn served with goat’s milk.

Yep, gird yourself for a wave of green peppercorn and goat’s milk.

That’s according to the 2011 Flavor Forecast – from McCormick.

As readers of The Taste of Tomorrow  will find out, a chunk in the book focused on the Food Future Punditocracy – that is, the Jimmy the Greeks of the food world, people who specialize in divining what we’ll be eating, how we’ll be eating, where and when we’ll be eating.

By far, the happiest time of the year for connoisseurs of Food Futurania is the holiday season.  In addition to holiday parties, and Lexus commercials, it’s the season for Top 10 Food Trends of the year lists. It’s also the time for scads of recap lists and best-of lists and years-in-review lists.

The Girl Scouts “locavore badge,” the rise of food trucks, the artisan cheese movement in Japan – those are among the highlights from the Foodspring 20, the NASFT, producer of the Fancy Food show, annual recap.  Meanwhile, Phil “The Supermarket Guru” Lempert’s lists Vlasic Sodium Reduced Pickles and Totino’s Pizza Stuffers as two “of the biggest misses” on his 2011 list.  Now, some of the food trend list predictions/recaps will strike average humanoids as perfectly ridiculous – as a writer for Chowhound snarkily (but fairly observed), will we really be eating grilled cheese-infused vodka in 2010?  And will we really be eating green peppercorn with goat’s milk?

I’ll keep you apprised of  notable food prognostications  (either due to possible prescience or extreme ridiculousness) that come my way…
Meantime, here is an excellent Chowhound interview on the food trend-list cottage industry. The trend expert here happens to be Kara Nielsen, my favorite food prognosticator who also happens she’s also the key person in the book.

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