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Dear TofT Readers:  Simgresorry for the woefully belated update! My New Year’s resolution is “better web site feeding.” There are a couple of new developments to report…

First, in September, I started writing about the future of food and agriculture for

One recent piece “The Frankenburger is Coming Sooner Than You Think” takes a look at the state of cultured meat research — one year after The Bite.  A second piece “Forget Kale: Try These Three Real Superfoods” spotlights a couple of highly nutritional plants with extraordinary world-saving qualities (that’s not hyperbole). And the latest piece, “You Won’t Believe the Source of the World’s Most Sustainable Salmon,” focuses on a promising way of raising fish that is finally starting to get some well-deserved attention by the Consumer Reports of seafood.  I will post my TIME pieces here on the TofT.

I am also very excited to be part of National Geographic’s documentary The Story of Food.  The first episode, Food Revolutionaries, airs on Friday, November 21st at 9pm.

Finally, I’m having a great time curating a new Taste of Tomorrow magazine on Flipboard.  If you don’t know Flip, check it out. My Flip site is my nearly-daily take on interesting ideas, people, and technologies shaping the future of food (in other words, it’s The Taste of Tomorrow’s reading list in the aesthetically-pleasing Flipboard format!)

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