The Taste of Tomorrow



There was a nice spike of interest in the The Taste of Tomorrow from middle of April to early May of 2012…

Here’s a very nice review in the Tof T’s hometown paper — the Chicago Tribune — by Bill Daley, one of the best food and wine writers around.  Here is Bill’s  Future Food.  (Also, fyi.  I am very excited to be participating in a panel discussion moderated by Bill at the Printer’s Row Book Fair on June 10.)

Here’s an

excellent piece in Maclean’s (think the Time or Newsweek of Canada) that uses the TofT as the opening to an exploration of trends and technologies that could shape the foods of the future.  Kate Lunau’s story “What You’ll Be Eating Soon” was — much to our delight —the cover!

Earlier in April, the Wall Street Journal’s weekend edition published “Next Stop for Food Fanatics: Africa.” Recommendation:  do not read this article  until after you have read Chapters 15 – 17 of The Taste of Tomorrow.  

And finally, the AP’s Jessica Gresko reviewed the book.  Here’s the review from ABC News. More stories will be posted soon!

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