The Taste of Tomorrow
  • Good GMOs: Why?


You can use a computer to build a web site that raises money for starving refugees in Darfur.   You can also use a computer to create malware that destroys web sites, disables businesses, and thwarts efforts to raise money for starving refugees in Darfur.

It’s true.  There are some bad genetically engineered crops out there. Many GMOs, circa 2011,  are created by rapacious petrochemical corporations.  They are herbicide and pesticide tolerant, so they encourage the spraying of more chemicals on crops, that, in turn, increase sales for the large corporations. Intellectual property law, circa 2011, makes it possible for large corporations to own genes, the very building blocks of life. It’s true that GMOs, by and large,  advance monoculture, thwart biodiversity and are not excactly the ally of small farmers.

Still,  as with computers, and other technologies, there are BAD THINGS and THERE ARE GOOD THINGS.

Mission #1 of The Taste of Tomorrow is to spotlight the smart, safe, promising uses of GMO crops that can help protect the earth, improve food quality, and save lives.