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Josh Schonwald, one of the founding editors of The Taste of Tomorrow web site, is a Chicago writer who is also the author of The Taste of Tomorrow, the book.  He was born in Cooperstown, NY, reared in Kenosha, Wisconsin, educated at Macalester College and Columbia University.  He’s written for many publications, from the New York Times and Washington Post to trade publications, such as Community Banker and I-Marketing News.  For more details on Josh, please check out his bio web site, or, better yet, for all types of revealing personal details and food preferences, read The Taste of Tomorrow.

Rob Jordan, one of the founding editors of The Taste of Tomorrow web site,  is a San Francisco-based writer and editor, who has written for Travel & Leisure, Miami New Times, the Anniston Star, and numerous other publications.   In addition to his primary charge, investigating promising green food production technologies,  Rob tracks innovators in the Bay Area food scene and the latest trends in Japan’s restaurant world.

Rob is also the creator of one of the great contributions to world cuisine — the radicchio and morel mushroom quesadilla.  For more on Rob,  please visit his site.

Max Grinnell is a Cambridge, Mass-based writer who studies community development and urban history; he currently lectures at Boston University and Massachusetts College of Art and Design and is completing his third book, to be published by Rough Guide.  A prolific writer and speaker on urban issues, Grinnell covers developments in urban food production for The Taste of Tomorrow.

A legendary connoisseur of street food, who seems to subsist mainly on street and/or airport food, Grinnell is also charged with reporting on Next Buffalo Wing candidates for the ToT.

For more information on Max, and his picks for quick snacks in Jackson Heights, Queens or Ashland, Kentucky, please  visit The Urbanologist’s web site.

Bruce Stone is a LA-based writer who teaches at UCLA.  His work has appeared in publications like Salon and Nabokov Studies and he is inarguably the world’s leading authority on the Canadian author Douglas Glover.   When he’s not teaching, parenting, or working on his novel, he covers LA for the ToT. (Why does LA warrant a dedicated ToT correspondent? Please see our post “Why We Love LA: Part 1.)