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  • Urban Ag.
  • November13th

    It’s such a simple, elegant, self-evidently brilliant idea that it caused an overwhelming sense of why-didn’t-we-think-of-that-envy in both of us.

    The Windowfarm is, quite literally, a mini-farm in your window.  It is moron-friendly hydroponic growing system, which allows people, who live in studio apartments in places like Battery Park City, to experience the thrill of DIY food production.  We love it because it gives people the chance to experience first-hand the type of recirculating agriculture (controlling inputs, varying light, climate) that we believe will be key to achieving sustainability and food security.  The motto of Windowfarm _- Know Your Food Source. Grow Organic Food in your window.

    You can try the Windowfarm yourself for as little as $140.  If you’re more comfortable in your shop skills, you can do it for less.  The Windowfarm site provides details on how to build your own home unit from scratch.

    We shouldn’t over-enthuse about the Windowfarm until we actually produce some home-grown  butter lettuce.

    BUT, another reason why we’re so hot for the Windowfarm. It’s a nonprofit AND it’s bsed on the open-source method of user-collaboration.  The Windowfarms Project web site offers friendly user forums to help newbie’s figure out the optimal way of using their kits. In fact, the whole Windowfarms idea was founded on the idea that crowdsourcing could be harnessed to solve environmental problems, i.e.:  R&D-I-Y: Mass Collaboration to Solve Environmental Problems

    “The ultimate aim of the Windowfarms project is not primarily to create a perfected physical object or product. Rather, the targeted result is for participants to have a rewarding experience with crowsdsourced innovation. The team is interested to learn from participants’ experience as they design for their own microenvironments, share ideas, rediscover the power of their own capacity to innovate, and witness themselves playing an active role in the green revolution.

    The TofT editors aren’t the only ones gone ga-ga over the Windowfarms idea — Martha Stewart is also an enthusiast.  We’ll keep you posted on our road test of the Windowfarm .