The Taste of Tomorrow

As many of you will soon find out, probably on April 12 or 13th, when your copy of The Taste of Tomorrow arrives via Fed Ex, UPS, or Express Mail,  or DHL (in the UK, Germany or Japan), much of the book is focused on the burning question:

What will the hamburger of the future look and taste like?

Will it be a 20th Century-style burger?  Or will it be goat, emu,  ostrich, or some other yet-to-be domesticated species?

Not to totally blow the T of T’s narrative suspense here, but your protagonist becomes concerned about certain environmental issues related to burger-eating.   And after examining some of the options, he becomes fixated not just on mouthfeel and taste, but on finding tasty, healthy, environmentally-friendly burgers that could make this type of discussion over the nefarious impact of cow farts moot.

In short,  The Taste of Tomorrow gets really excited about lab grown meat, aka cultured meat, sometimes called test tube meat, or in vitro meat. Here’s a recent article from Gourmet Live, in which the T of T’s author enthuses about a future in which we’ll be eating cow-less, kill-free burgers.

Could this be Year One? 

One of the major plot points on the way to this kill-free, methane-gas emission and ranch-land reduced  future is the successful completion and consumption of The Prototype.

There’s been a lot of talk in the media (and in the book) that this could be Year 1.   Here’s are a few examples of such talk  “Lab Grown Meat Gets Closer”,  “Meat Shmeat,” “The Frankenburger: Why ‘Cultured Meat’ is Humanity’s Destiny.” 

All of this hinges on a project underway in the Netherlands (which you’ll learn about extensively in The Taste of Tomorrow.)

We’ll keep you apprised of the some of the progress – and setbacks – in in vitro meat research as they happen, both here and on the T of T’s new Facebook page. And we’ll also include updates on some other research towards environmentally-friendly meat alternatives, such as this mock chicken product.  But if you hunger for MORE in vitro meat/meat alternative news,  for nearly daily updates from the mock/cultured meat frontier, the best spot is the New Harvest site, which has assembled a massive collection of citations, by Jason Matheny.  

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