The Taste of Tomorrow

It's coming.

Lemon piri piri chicken wings, baby back ribs barbecued in a smoky  baobab sauce,  a salad drizzled with a baobab pepper vinaigrette, French fries dipped in African ketchup.

If you’ve been in the orbit of The Taste of Tomorrow — hung around my kitchen, listened to TofT podcasts, gone sledding with me— you’ve heard this before.  In fact, you’ve been subjected to so much enthusing about these sauces, and the maker of these condiments, that you may have thought,  “Easy on the hype.”  Or “Dude, do you work for Bim’s Kitchen?” (No)

Well…. I have recently learned that I am not alone in my  over-the-top enthusiasm the work of James “BIm” Adedeji.

Apparently, some other American fellow has fallen under the spell of Bim’s, as well.

Which brings me to some very, very good news.

The other Bim’s Kitchen enthusiast is a food importer.


Remember how I was whining about how you can’t get Bim’s anywhere in North America?

Well, those days will soon be over.

By end of April, eight of Bim’s sauces will be stocked at 50 Homegoods and TJ Maxx stores. (Yes, that TJ Maxx; I didn’t even know TJ Maxx had food).  Here’s a passage from the press release.

2,400 units of small artisan producer Bim’s Kitchen award-winning handmade African-inspired food products have been snapped up by American company, TJX, for sale in the gourmet food sections of selected T.J. Maxx and Homegoods department stores across the USA.

Why are we so off-the-charts pleased about this news that Bim’s will be available at TJ Maxx/Homegoods?

First, the T of T Headquarters is about a 3-minute drive from a TJ Maxx.  (James said can’t confirm that the sauces will be at TJ Maxx Evanston, as the importer doesn’t know exactly which stores they are destined for.)

Second, as much as I love Bim’s, having it airmailed here was not sustainable. At last, we look forward to being able to use our stash of sauces without extreme rationing.  The 2013 Memorial Day Wing Fest & Max Schonwald Birthday will be an African-Flavored wing fest. (contact me if  you want to attend)

Third, and most important….

Having Bim’s sauces stocked at TJ Maxx — or at some TJ Maxx or Homegoods in Chicagoland —gives me the ability to swiftly and forcefully respond to The Doubters.  See this earlier post. These skeptics  — even the author of The Taste of Tomorrow’s very own father — doubt that sub-Saharan African foods can be wonderful, and question the African Food Inevitability  Thesis.

Now, we can drive over to TJ Maxx, stock up some Bim’s, and quickly counter with an African-inspired feast.

Again, James said that he doesn’t yet know what TJ Maxx and Homegoods stores will carry Bim’s products. That apparently will be decided by the TJX grocery team when the goods arrive in the States.

We will post a list of the stores that have the goods, as soon as that information becomes available.

For those of you who are eager to get an early taste of Bim’s, there might be a preview opportunity coming up….

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