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    Saskatoon, Sask, the Paris of the Prairies.

    Saskatchewan, a province of the North American nation of Canada, is not home to Sasquatch. But it is home to a surprisingly ridiculous amount of our food. Your beer, your bread,  your cooking oil, your lentils, your frozen peas, your pasta– there’s a good chance that you can trace all of it back to some lonely farm on the Canadian prairie…

    Saskatchewan is the world largest  producer of canola, the world’s largest grower of lentils — more, yes, than even lentil-mad India.  More than 10 percent of the world’s wheat comes from Saskatchewan.  Nearly 50 percent of the arable land in Canada — the world’s second largest country — is in Saskatchewan.

    What’s most surprising is that notoriously frigid Saskatchewan –  a place where winter temperatures can sink to 40 or 50 below –  could also be home to the Next Superfruit… Yes, that’s right — the Next Blueberry or Goji berry… could be coming from not the Hawaiian tropics.. but  from a place that’s 700 miles north of Chicago  (which is not exactly balmy).

    Where's Saskatoon? Three hours north of North Dakota.

    A few weeks ago, The TofT’s Canada-o-philiac Josh Schonwald visited Saskatoon to give a speech on October 16 — that is of course World Food Day (more on The World Food Day Meal forthcoming).

    ToT radio host Chris Bentley sat down with Josh to get the report on his 36 hours in Saskatoon — and his visit to the U of Saskatchewan (the UC-Davis of Canada).

    IN this 35 minute interview, Josh talks about a candidate for Next Superfuit, and his talk with Bob Bors, who could be the world’s northernmost — or at least coldest — FRUIT breeder. We’ll also hear about  nanotech research that could eventually lead — in 20 years — to a guilt-free chocolate cake..   AND… Josh will talk about Saskatoon’s surprising booming economy (less than 4 percent) and why American who love REI and Obamacare should love Saskatchewan.

    Listen now….